Don’t leave your pet in a hot car

The hot car can become an oven!  If you see a dog closed in a hot car call 911 immediately.  


lostandfoundhound for help in locating and reuniting lost pets: Happy Anniversary! has been active for three years this upcoming August.  The biggest challenge we have faced is how do we get the name out there and how do we get more people in search of lost pets to utilize the site.  I think we have one of the most user friendly sites out there in that you don’t have to register and you don’t have to pay.  The site was done as a service for lost pets everywhere, with zip code searches in all fifty states.  Ideas from users would be great.  Helping to improve SEO is key, although budget is nil.  

Thank you to those who have utilized our main site and for all the kinds words we have received through the years regarding our reuniting families with lost pets.  It is definitely warming and affirmative that we are doing the right thing.  

Feel free to check us out!

I want my pet home for the holidays

During the holiday season we get an uptick of listings for pets lost while traveling with their families.  To be safe and to help your dog get back to you quicker please try these easy tips:

  • Have proper identification on your pet.  A new collar with a new name tag that lists your cell phone number on it is key.
  • Verify that your microchip registration is up to date and readable.  Its as easy as having checked at your Vet. If not updated, be sure to update it.  Again, use your cell phone as the point of contact.  If not chipped, what are you waiting for?
  • Have your vet records with you.  You don’t want your pet to have to get vaccinations again if picked up by the shelter.
  • When you arrive at your new destination with your dog, walk your dog around the perimeter while on a leash so that they can have familiarity with the area you are visiting.  Knowing where he/she is can help them from being spooked.

Again, enjoy your travels, but be sure that you pack for your pet as you would pack for your self!  If leaving your pet home with a sitter, put in fresh batteries if you have an electric fence and make sure your pet has proper id.

As always, check out our listings and tips on


Found Dog Lexington, SC



It is always so warming when I receive a call from a family that has found a dog and they are genuinely concerned.  I usually ask all the same questions, does the dog look fed?  Did you take to a vet to check for a microchip?  Did you call local vets?  And the answers are always a resounding yes.  Last week a gentleman in Durham, NC found a dog that he ended up keeping after spending $300 at the vet on vaccinations and deworming.  Yesterday I had a conversation with a couple in their sixties who found a brindle boxer.  They did all the things they should do in looking for an owner.  It just warmed my heart that they were not going to give that dog to anyone responded, saying that they required pictures and a copy of vet bills/records.  How refreshing as they really had bonded and cared for this pet and wanted the best for it.  Given that the dog had fresh clipped nails and is well trained, would tell me that someone is looking for it.  How as a site, does get our name out there to make sure we are hitting more people?  We are not a company that makes money, nor do we market so it is really our passing our name along and people generating word of mouth that will help us reunite lost pets.  

In the event that you have lost or found a pet such as a dog, cat or even another pet; be sure to use our site and pass the name along.  To the family in Lexington, SC, your found pet is so lucky to have walked into your lives and I hope his family finds him.  

Lostandfoundhounds tips to keep your pet safe this Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for the family.  Your family pet may not be feeling the same excitement as the kids.  Following are some tips to keep your pet safe during this Halloween.

  1. Your kids may come home with various types of candy.  Have a safe place out of the dogs reach for the candy as the sugar and CHOCOLATE are unsafe for your pet.  Also keep your bowl of treats for the trick or treaters out of your pets reach.   Chocolate in all forms—especially dark or baking chocolate—can be very dangerous for dogs and cats. Candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol can also cause problems. If you do suspect your pet has ingested something toxic, please call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.
  2. Constant ringing door bells may scare your pet.  If they are crate trained, let them relax in their crate because the crate gives them a sense of safety and security.
  3. If your dog must greet all trick-or-treaters at the door, make sure that they have proper identification on them including a name tag with a current phone number.  Also make sure that their microchip is registered.
  4. Costumes can be cute, but be sure that there are no parts of the costume that can be chewed off and eaten.
  5. If you have a black cat, make sure your cat is secure in your house.  Halloween does attract some sick people and a black cat may be subject to cruelty on this night.
  6. Keep your pet inside.
  7. Keep all candles and glow sticks out of reach of your pet.  If your child has a glow stick, explain safety and that they should not be given to the dog or cat.  The inside is non-toxic, but tastes bad and may make your pet salivate. If you want to light up your pumpkin, KMart or Target sell pumpkin lights that are more fun and much safer than candles.  Kittens especially are subject to burns.

Enjoy Halloween, but use some of these tips to keep your pets safe.


Happy 1 year birthday ! We have helped lost pets find their way home!

Thats right, 7500 pet listings later we can boast that we have had a web presence for one year!  I am thrilled to say that we have been instrumental in helping reunite lost pets with their homes.  It is a warm feeling to know that our tips along with the poster on the site have been helpful and a source of comfort for those searching for their loved ones.  Whether it is a lost dog, lost cat or even a lost or found bird, we have been there.

If you have stumbled upon this page in the search of your pet, please know that you are not alone and there are a number of people out there willing to help.  Use the tips on our site as well as those on missing pet partnership and follow up daily.  Keep us informed as we want to know your progress too.

Thank you for your faith in lostandfoundhound.  We appreciate the trust you have instilled in us.


A Pet Parents love for her old dog, I love you Spencer!

Spencer, you came to us as a 9 week old happy puppy ready to seize the world 14 years ago.  I remember walking you on our daily 2 mile walk that we did just to wear you out. Passing people walking their dogs, I always knew you were the most beautiful and best out there.  The old ones always made me sad because I knew their time was near.  Spencer, now that you are at this particular crossroad and I am having to make the most difficult decision that a pet parent can make, one that hurts more than I can even explain.  Unfortunately this is happening at a time when I am in the process of grieving my 91 year old grandmother who passed away last week..she and my Aunt gave you to us as a wedding gift.  How will my kids understand the prospect of losing Nana and now you to heaven and how can I continue to tell them it is all ok, when I am so darn sad and I am not ok?  Just two months ago we had to put down your  litter mate Princess and my youngest tells me nightly how she misses her.  It is just so unfair that dogs can’t be with us longer and it is equally unfair that I am having to do this when the raw emotion of losing Nana is still stinging me daily.

My fourteen years with you, Spencer have been special.  To think that you are this big Labrador Retriever that has no interest in swimming, but would rather sit on the edge of the pool bug eyed with worry that we would throw you in.  To recall the years that you slept in the garden bath tub because it was cool..every night we would hear the clunk of your jumping in and in the morning you would jump out.  The party you had early on when you were a puppy and destroyed the first floor of anything that could be destroyed because we went shopping that day and left you alone out of the crate.  Our first few weeks of you, we had to come home at lunch time because your little bladder couldn’t hold it, you always greeted us with such happiness.  One time, we had a bad was the storm where Raleigh got 22-1/2 inches of snow.  Spencer, you went outside in the swirling wind and got lost under the deck.  I will never forget Steve having to go out in the snow in the midst of the storm to lead you in.  Your happiness when you saw us warmed me on that cold day.

After our first was born in 2003, people said that Spencer and Savannah (by that time we had gotten Spencer a friend) would take a back seat to the kids.  That never happened and you never lost your place in my heart, I just learned that ones heart is big enough to love all.  Spencer, you handled Sara and later Sydney well and never once made us fear that you would harm them out of jealousy.  You are indeed, a special friend to the girls.  Their piggy puppy.

When you were unable to take the stairs to sleep upstairs in our room at night, it tormented me more than it probably did you.  I felt such a hole in our room, not hearing your snore or claws hitting the wall in a dream when running in your sleep.  Watching you age has been so difficult.  You have done it with grace and now your grace is almost gone to where it isnt fair of me to let you live in pain.  Spencer, I am sorry that I have been the selfish one when you have been the most selfless.  Spencer, I also want you to know how much you are loved and how I will miss you more than I can ever put into words.  I am so glad that you have been able to share in my and Steves life as well as the lives of the girls.  I pray that they will take your memory with them as long as they will remember and know the true love of a pet as I have known and loved of you.

Spencer you are my Angel and now, knowing that you and Nana are my true angels, I will look into heaven and feel how blessed I am to have the both of you looking out for me.  I love you Spencer.  Thank you for the 14 years you have given me and know that you will be there in my everyday life.  I love you.

Love, Mommy